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About CBD Oil World

Welcome to CBD Oil World, Everything you need to know about CBD Oil and where to go for the highest quality products at the best prices.


My Journey into CBD Oil

Hi, to begin with I was a little skeptical about CBD oil and what benefits it might present to me. After doing my own research I decided to give it a try….WOW!

It was a complete game changer for me, my sleep was dramatically improved, my anxiety levels reduced massively and I felt fresh as a daisy every morning ready to crush another day at work, in the gym and in life.

Naturally I experimented with a few different brands and found there were significant difference from one brand to another.

Within the Product Reviews section I have taken away all the guess work for you with an in depth table of everything you need to know about the main brands out there from price to quantity and of course the quality.

I have also combed through all the top retailers of these products to find you the most competitive prices available.

Head over to the reviews to learn more.


8 hours of sleep for the price of 6

I have often worked 10+ Hours a day and understand that fitting in a family, social life, exercise and to top that off 6-8 hours of quality sleep is almost impossible.

Well CBD oil changed all that, the quality of my sleep now is second to none, even if i only manage 4-5 hours i still feel refreshed and well rested.

I am passionate about helping others in the fitness industry and this has to be one of the biggest game changers I’ve come across.


Our aim here at CBD Oil World

The aim of CBD Oil World is to educate you on the benefits but also to direct to towards reviewed, tried and tested products.

There is a wide variety of quality out there and buying the better products can be difficult. We have taken away the trial and error and put together a comprehensive guide to the best CBD Oil available.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,




Hi, I'm Andy and I'm 33 years old. I have been taking, testing and reviewing CBD oil for years and I am keen to pass on my knowledge and experiences so you can benefit from CBD like I have.


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