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    Bixsher Hemp Oil, A Real CBD Oil That Packs A Punch.

    Product – Bixsher Hemp Oil

    Price £24.99

    Cheapest Place To Buy –

    Container Size – 30ML

    My Rating – 9.5/10



    Bixsher hemp oil is a real CBD oil unlike most of the misleading “hemp seed oils” out there. This product contains all the ingredients you are looking for.

    My guide to CBD oil V Hemp seed oil will explain in more detail, but rest assured you’re not buying some hyped up sugary food syrup.

    I am constantly asked if certain products are in fact a real cbd oil and what to look out for when buying them. I decided to let people in on one of my most highly recommended CBD oils.


    Bixsher, Packs a Punch


    Firstly lets get into the strength of the Bixsher hemp oil, at 5000mg per 30ml bottle it is certianly strong enough to help you with any stress, anxiety, sleep or pain problems you have been suffering. Delivering more CBD per drop gives you more bang for your buck. Some mild CBD oils can soon lose their effectiveness, especially if you have moderate or worse symptoms. I am also almost 16 stone so thought something a bit more concentrated was in order.


    Fantastic price

    At £24.99 per bottle it is extremely good value considering most CBD oils at this price are somewhat weak at 500-1000mg or they are the fake seed oil we aforementioned. CBD oil is something I have taken for many years now and when it’s a staple in your daily routine you want to be getting it at a reasonable and affordable price.

    That being said when I first came across Bixsher my first skeptisicm was the price but I decided to keep an open mind and try it…


    My experience with Bixsher

    So when I first started out taking CBD oil I tried a lot of brands on the market. As I know what to look for and I am careful with my online buying I came across some decent brands that worked well. Real CBD oil that did the job I wanted, naturally over time though the effects and results started to wain. This is common with anything the human body consumes. Be it alcohol, gym supplements like pre workouts or even medicines.

    I wanted something with a bit more kick, a bit more potency! So I started to search for more concentrated CBD oils and that’s when I came across Bixsher. The moment I switched up my oil to Bixsher I could feel the difference, My chest felt lighter, easier and I could feel the daily onset of anxiety melting away. My sleep pattern changed for the better, I was dropping asleep almost instantly and having full undisturbed 8-9 hour sleeps (unless my 1 year old decided otherwise).

    My focus, productivity and creativity levels all took a huge boost and I was getting more quality work done in a shorter space of time.


    A Real CBD oil that ticks every box

    1. Extremely well reviewed
    2. Inexpensive
    3. Potent
    4. Tried and Tested
    5. Large 30ml per bottles (Most cbd oils are 10-20ml)

    I am a huge fan of this brand and it really changed my life for the better, I was tired of hearing stories of people reaping the ultimate rewards from cbd oil and I felt I was just getting a small nudge from it. I was convinced they were all making it up or somehow my body was rejecting the benefits of a real cbd oil. I say this not to impress you with the brand but to impress upon you that there is truth behind this fast growing hype around CBD oil.


    The holy grail is real, Bixsher!



    Hi, I'm Andy and I'm 33 years old. I have been taking, testing and reviewing CBD oil for years and I am keen to pass on my knowledge and experiences so you can benefit from CBD like I have.


    1. riverdogg

      Hi Andy, is Bixsher only sold in the UK or is it available in the States? I suffer from social anxiety and depression and have been looking into CBD oil but there is so much contradicting information and types and prices. It can be overwhelming when you really don’t know much about CBD oil to begin with. You say the Bixsher CBD oil packs a punch, what does that mean? Does it get you high or do you mean a different kind of punch? Thanks, appreciate it.

      • Andy

        Hi, You would have to check if it is available in your state as amazon doesn’t sell in every state due to financial penalties. It packs a punch in the way it should…the benefits of cbd. It doesn’t get you high like cannabis. Theres no/minute traces of THC which is the psychoactive component of cannabis. I really recommend it, I am sleeping better, my partners anxiety has reduced and were feeling loads better from it.

        Kind Regards,


    2. Dave Sweney

      Thanks for this great review and recommendation of the Bixsher Hemp Oil product. From the sounds of it, this oil really does pack a punch, as your title indicates. I was very impressed with how it can help in so many ways with different maladies that are out there.

      The price is also attractive to me. I have compared a lot of brands and often the quality seems to suffer as the price comes down, but this is not the case with the Bixsher Hemp Oil. It has an excellent reputation with buyers and users as well. Finally, your own positive experience tells me also this is good. I will try it and thanks for telling us about this!

      • Andy

        Glad to be of help. its a minefield out there trying to find the best products. Bixsher is helping me sleep loads better, its reduced my partners anxiety and we are both feeling a hell of a lot better.

        Kind Regards,


    3. Nate Stone

      Hey Andy,

      Are Bixsher Hemp Oil a UK company? As a brit I back UK companies whenever I can. I’ve never tried CBD oil but I have heard I can help with sleep quality, is that true as that is a department I need some assistance in. Roughly how long would a 30 ml bottle last?

      • Andy

        Hi Nate, Firstly Yes, Bixsher are located in Dagenham (UK). One of CBD oils most acclaimed uses is as a sleep aid. From insomnia to sleep anxiety to RLS (resltless leg syndrome) CBD has been shown to help dramatically. 

        At recommended doses of 0.25ml-0.5ml it could last anywhere between 2-4 months.

        I am currently using it at the moment, I am dropping to sleep in minutes! (I use 0.5ml 1 hour before bed)

    4. Barry Ovb

      Hi Andy. Thanks for sharing Bixsher Hemp Oil, it is indeed a real CBD oil that packs a punch. Lots of contents packed in it and the price well fantastic and very affordable too. I think everyone should give this brand a trial; quite a lot of amazing stuff you’ve said about it and I’m ecstatic about them… Amazing!!!

      • Andy

        Hi Barry, thank you. 

        I like to give honest and open reviews and I will say it as it is. This brand worked wonders for me and it may not be as effective for others or it may be even better. But as for my opinion its an amazing product.

        Best Regards,


    5. Vwegbah

      I’ve done numerous research about CBD oil; I’ve read so much about it and I’ve gotten numerous testimonies about the Oil too. Quite amazing how such an awesome product is made out of a dangerous plant, cannabis plant that gets one high.

      Your testimonies about this very brand is very remarkable and attractive too. I’d probably go for Bixsher Hemp Oil if want to get CBD oil.

      • Andy

        I have tried many brands and Bixsher is right up there with the best.

        Kind Regards


    6. Amelita

      Well, being interested in the benefits of CBD products had me searching for a quality product that was also great in price. After reading your post here on Bixsher Hemp Oil, call me impressed!

      The price is great and from your review, the quality seems top notch and then to mention you get 30ml per bottle! Count me in! So glad I found your article.

      A friend of mine goes to a place downtown and gets products for me. We love using CBD oil. I am going to share this website with her so we can broaden our options! The prices are better thats for sure!

      • Andy

        Hi Amelita. Glad to be of help, I like to give honest and open reviews and the Bixsher brand is up there with the best I’ve tried.

        Thanks for sharing.

        Regards, Andy.


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