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CBD coffee review, Your power drink just levelled up!

Wake up, get washed, brush your teeth, pour a cup of coffee. Let’s face it this has to be morning ritual for at least half the planet these days. If everybody else is doing it then what can you do to gain the edge? To gain that advantage over your competition? A few people found a solution that’s fast becoming a lot of people.

CBD coffee!

Your regular cup of morning coffee infused the CBD oil. The first questions that pop up are…

What is CBD oil? If you don’t know about CBD oil then click here What is CBD Oil? to find out more.

What are the benefits?

Let’s get right into it.

image by, lageandre

The benefits of CBD coffee

You are probably aware of the main reasons CBD oil (cannabinoid) is a hot topic right now. From cancer to anxiety it treats and helps with literally dozens or problems and ailments.

But why put it in a regular daytime drink such as coffee? Will it taste nice? Is it safe? Where can I buy it?

Well CBD has some effects that would benefit any of us in the regular day to day hustle. Let’s run through some of the key ones;

  1. Mental Focus
  2. Eases Nerves
  3. Combats Migraines
  4. Reduces Fatigue
  5. Stimulates Creativity
  6. Improves Productivity

These half a dozen reasons alone should be enough to convince anyone to at least give it a try. So you are probably wondering where and how to get hold of this wonder potion. Don’t worry and read on, we have got you covered.

How it’s made?

CBD (cannabinoid) is a compound found in the marijuana. Therefore, it needs to be professionally extracted and isolated from the other compounds found in marijuana before it can be added to coffee beans during the process of roasting. This is a complex and difficult thing to do, so don’t think you’re going to get the same results by dripping a few drops of CBD oil into your morning Nescafe.

The oils from the coffee beans that are released during the roasting process are utilised as a transporter for the CBD. This way the flavour of the coffee is not compromised.

You are welcome to try making your own but trust me it doesn’t work. I found this out when I attempted it myself. All I will say is it wasn’t pleasant.

As CBD is a fairly new phenomenon, it is gonna come with reservations and questions to be answered. Below we dig into it’s safety and effectiveness with caffeine.

Is CBD and Caffeine a safe mix?

While there is no long term study of the combination of these two products, With great benefits and next to no side effects, all the reports from CBD coffee are mostly positive. Many people are actually attributing it to there success and go as far as saying it’s a game changer they could not live without.

Now when we look at the side effects of caffeine, how nice would it be to have your daily cup of Joe without some of the irritating after effects?

CBD actually helps combat the side effects such as;

  1. anxiety
  2. insomnia
  3. indigestion
  4. High blood pressure
  5. Irregular heartbeat
  6. Nervous tension

So here we have even less side effects to worry about, if you ask me I would say CBD and Caffeine make one hell of a tag team.

CBD coffee, it hits the spot.

It goes without saying that CBD coffee has a huge role to play in your daily routine. Finding the right one for you can be tricky so we have compiled a guide of the most popular brands on the market. In this guide we discuss the pros and cons of each brand, where to find them at the best prices.

There is a wide range of tastes and strengths to consider. Rather than you waste your time and money constantly trialing the many brands available we hope our CBD coffee review can take away this painstaking process for you.

Most importantly remember, only drink coffee on days ending in ‘Y’.



Hi, I'm Andy and I'm 33 years old. I have been taking, testing and reviewing CBD oil for years and I am keen to pass on my knowledge and experiences so you can benefit from CBD like I have.


  1. SeunJeremiah

    This is really an insightful post, I am a coffee lover and CBD coffee does seem to be the perfect invention for coffee lovers and CBD users throughout the world. It is a delicious way to incorporate CBD into one’s life. CBD coffee may work to not only help you feel alert and refreshed but I believe it’s also going to hopefully help you to go about your day with less pain and anxiety.

    • Andy

      My thoughts exactly, couldn’t agree more. Andy.

  2. Russ Green

    This is really great, I can have my daily dose of CBD oil with all of the health benefits just by drinking my cups of coffee which I drink anyway, this really is a great idea and one that I hadn’t thought of, I take CBD oil to relieve my arthritis pain and of course there are the other health benefits which should never be overlooked, but having CBD in my coffee is something that I am going to be doing from now on, thank you for sharing.  

    • Andy

      No problem Russ. Keep an eye out for our review of the best cbd coffees which we will be adding soon. Regards, Andy.

  3. Henderson

    Oh, this is a very nice post that you have put together here. I love coffee and I have been told that I need to take more cbd oil due to the stress I undergo so it can help me with issues relating to sleep disorder. Being able to mix the two together sounds very good to me and its something I’d like to give a try. Thank you for adding its benefits here. I’ll try it. Thanks!

    • Andy

      you’re very welcome. Let me know how you get on. Regards, Andy.

  4. Rodarrick

    You just clarified the reason I have never tried this blend together. I am often concerned about the possible side effects of making use of the cbd blended with coffee. Though on a neutral level, it is oozing of an ecstatic feeling but then, I was trying to be more conscious. However, having read this post and exactly the benefits attached to raking this cbd coffee, I will surely give it a trial soon. Thumbs up

    • Andy

      Yes it can be unnerving when you don’t know the effect of products, Glad to be of help. Please keep me updated on how your progress. Regards, Andy.

  5. Nate Stone

    Hi Andy,

    Interesting, I’m not a massive fan of coffee (or any caffeine for that matter). I am however a gym guy and coffee and caffeine certainly have their advantage when it comes to energy for your workouts. Something I’ve read conflicting reports about is how CBD oil effects your body in terms of exercise, ideally for a lot of my sessions, I need my body to be very relaxed and “loose” is that something you think CBD oil coffee could bring, along with the energy boost?

  6. John

    It is truly a power drink this one and I am happy that you have brought this up here. Its the first time I’m hearing that cbd can be mixed together with coffee. I am happy that no one has complained about this mixture because while reading your article, it was a soungjt of concern for me. I will give it a try and see how good it is. Thanks

    • Andy

      You are welcome, Please let me know how you get on with it. Andy.

  7. Jones

    I take coffee basically everyday and it helps me fix my day right from the start. I’ve not tried he CBD coffee before but with this review, I think it’ll be a very great adventure. I like the combination of CBD and caffeine, its really nice to know its safe. I’ll love to get some as Soon as possible because I really need the Mental focus. Thanks for sharing this informative article.

    • Andy

      You’re welcome. Keep checking into our site as we are putting a review up soon of the best cbs coffee. Regards, Andy

  8. Nate Stone

    Hey Andy,

    I recently started intermittent fasting, that is where I don’t consume “any” calories between 9 at night & 1 in the afternoon. Coffee is one of the few things I can drink, it is low enough in calories that it doesn’t cause an insulin response (so keeps you in a fasted state)

    The benefits of CBD coffee, particularly mental focus and improved productivity. My question is whether there are any additional calories with CBD oil, as I’d love to have it as an alternative to my standard coffee.  

    • Andy

      No, it barely affects the calorie content at all. I have never thought of using is in this circumstance…it seems a very viable choice. 

      Best regards


  9. Danijel

    Hello andy, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. Honestly, I did not hear about CBD coffee so far but this is something I need to try. I see it is great for mental focus and fatigue which is something I need. May I ask are there any negative effects about consuming CBD coffee?

    • Andy

      Hi Danijel, The only real negative I’ve come across is the excess consumption of coffee. As long as your sticking to 2-3 cups a day the benefits of CBD and Caffeine work very well together.



  10. Saifuddin

    Thanks for the informative post. More so since I love coffee. And what an excellent combination of coffee with CBD with so many health benefits. I did not know about CBD coffee before and I can’t wait to try it.

    Hope it tastes as good as original coffee. I found your last line in the post funny though (days ending in “Y”)

    • Andy

      Its a real breakthrough. Such a clever combination.

      Hope it works for you.

      All the best


  11. Mr Biizy

    Amazing there. I am so thankful I came across this post. Well, I love coffee and I take it most times, not a regular fan of it anyways. I’d never imagined a coffee with CBD! This is interesting. I’ve heard and read a lot about CBD Oil, this is the first one about CBD Coffee. Considering the benefits attached to CBD, I’d love to give CBD coffee a try. Thanks for this well detailed review.

    BTW: I want to know if it is necessary to have complications or issues before one should consider CBD… Thanks

    • Andy

      Hi, you don’t have to have any complications to see benefits from CBD. Many people use CBD for the mental focus, improved productivity and creativity. We all get sluggish from time to time as well so using CBD would help here too.

      Best Regards,


  12. padma

    Andy, I would definitely like to buy CBD coffee and try it myself. Where can I go to try a sample and where can I buy it? Also, I would be interested if you had more studies and research on the long-term pros and cons of CBD coffee. Is it something that I can normally consume in my workplace or are there any restrictions or taboos? I would like to know your own personal experiences of how you used CBD coffee too. Thank you for an informative post!

    • Andy

      Hi Padma, I am currently writing and testing a cbd coffee. As I like to get a full review of a product I will be testing it for the rest of this week before writing my review on it. 

      Please add my site to your favourites and check beck in a week or so and I should have the full report with all your questions covered. 

      There are no taboo or restrictions regarding workplaces that I’m aware of.

      Kind Regards,


  13. Jessie

    Hey thanks for the awesome post!  I am a HUGE coffee fanatic.  I have tried nearly every brand I can find that is not some special flavor.  Mystic Monk, Midnight Blend is my favorite, and got to have it pure back and strong.  That being said, I am pretty picky with the taste of coffee.  How does this coffee taste?  And does it have negative side effects?

    • Andy

      Hi jessie, No reported side effects (just obviously watch your caffeine intake)

      The process is used with a specially designed water soluble CBD, Using normal CBD oil would not dissolve in the coffee thus compromising the taste. 

      There’s also various flavours to choose from. 

      Kind Regards,


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