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    Does CBD oil help sleep, tired of being tired?

    Despite all cannabidiols benefits, the main question I get asked is does CBD oil help sleep. That being said I wanted to leave no stone un-turned to be able to answer this question fully.



    Firstly I spent countless hours and days reading, researching and analysing scientific reports and trials to gain as much knowledge as possible on the subject.

    Secondly and more importantly I decided to trial it myself and track the effect it had on me and partner. I have always been quite a sound sleeper although if I do struggle in a certain area it would be dropping off to sleep sometimes. I can have a very active mind sometimes that wants to think about everything and anything no matter how irrelevant it is to my life, the moment my eyes close the flood gates open, sport, politics, food, work, how cool it would be to fly, the price of a Freddo these days. The bigger test was going to come from my partner who suffers from sleep anxiety and also commonly gets to sleep term known as RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome). You may know this, It’s where your legs feel like you have just run a marathon and can itch and even develop pins and needles meaning dropping off to sleep is almost impossible.

    To help us track our sleep accurately we both wore Fitbit smart watches which track and monitor your sleep. We chose the Rhinos Brothers CBD oil and started our trial.

    Does CBD oil help sleep ? We were about to conclusively find out.


      Our Routine before CBD oil



    Our usual routine would consist of going to bed around 9:30-10:00 pm and waking around 6:00 am. Now this would give you a nice 8-8.5 hours sleep if you are the sort of person who can drop off to sleep instantly and sleep soundly like a baby until the dreaded alarm goes off. Let’s be honest, to most people this is a myth, a holy grail and a sleep pattern we would kill for. My typical drop off time was around 20-30 mins and I would often very annoyingly wake up 30-60 minutes before my alarm thus robbing me of up to an hour of solid sleep, replacing it with half asleep glances at the clock guessing how close I was till the alarm going off.

    So I can say that I was roughly getting around 6-7 hours sleep, not bad but who doesn’t want to improve their sleep without actually having to go to bed any earlier or sleep in any later.

    My partners sleep routine was a lot more disrupted than mine and at times could take as long as 2-3 hours to fall asleep, she didn’t have the pre-alarm wake up problems that I had but the problems dropping to sleep were reducing her time asleep to as low as 5 hours some nights. If it wasn’t RLS keeping her up it was sleep anxiety, she would describe it as closing her eyes and her brain would say “right you want sleep, you should feel anxious”. She knew then that she wouldn’t be falling asleep for hours to come.


      The Test


    We monitored results over a 4-week period, the first week taking no CBD oil at all, then weeks 2,3 and 4 taking it 1 hour before bed.

    WEEK 1 of the test contained no CBD oil and our usual routine continued as expected. Throughout the 7-day period our results were tracked and logged.

    Fitbit results for week 1:


    1. Average sleep – 6 hours 26 mins
    2. Total weeks sleep – 45 hours 2 mins
    3. Best nights sleep – 6 hours 49 mins
    4. Worst nights sleep – 5 hours 56 mins

    My Partner:

    1. Average sleep – 5 hours 50 mins
    2. Total weeks sleep – 40 hours 50 mins
    3. Best nights sleep – 6 hours 29 mins
    4. Worst nights sleep – 5 hours 11 mins

    These were typical nights/weeks we had come to expect.


    WEEK 2 of the test we took 0.25ml of CBD oil at 8:30 pm. Note* We used the pipette tinctures to apply the oil under our tongue and let it absorb for 60 seconds before swallowing.

    Fitbit results for week 2:


    1. Average sleep – 6 hours 49 mins ( + 23 mins)
    2. Total weeks sleep – 47 hours 43 mins ( + 2 hours 41 mins )
    3. Best nights sleep – 7 hours 22 mins ( + 33 mins )
    4. Worst nights sleep – 6 hours 18 mins ( + 22 mins )

    My Partner:

    1. Average sleep – 6 hours 15 mins ( + 25 mins )
    2. Total weeks sleep – 43 hours 45 mins ( + 2 hours 55 mins )
    3. Best nights sleep – 6 hours 46 mins ( + 17 mins )
    4. Worst nights sleep – 5 hours 39 mins ( + 28 mins )

    Week 2 was very promising and as you can see we both had significantly improved results, both gaining nearly 3 hours extra sleep over the week.


    Fitbit results for week 3:

    Increased dosage to 0.5ml


    1. Average sleep – 6 hours 57 mins ( + 8 mins)
    2. Total weeks sleep – 48 hours 39 mins ( + 56 mins )
    3. Best nights sleep – 7 hours 37 mins ( + 15 mins )
    4. Worst nights sleep – 6 hours 11 mins ( – 7 mins ) << Strike of the 1-year old!!


    My Partner:

    1. Average sleep – 6 hours 28 mins ( + 13 mins )
    2. Total weeks sleep – 45 hours 16 mins ( + 1 hours 31 mins )
    3. Best nights sleep – 7 hours 12 mins ( + 26 mins )
    4. Worst nights sleep – 5 hours 42 mins ( + 3 mins )

    Week 3 again showed vast improvement, it has to be noted that one night our 1 year old Lottie was up in the middle of the night. This caused our worst nights sleep that week and as you can see from the results actually got worse compared to my previous week. We were both up with her but found it effortless to drop back off once we had got our daughter back to sleep. (Thank you for the data anomaly Miss Lottie).


    Fitbit results for week 4:


    1. Average sleep – 7 hours 22 mins ( + 25 mins)
    2. Total weeks sleep – 51 hours 34 mins ( + 2 hours 55 mins )
    3. Best nights sleep – 8 hours 2 mins ( + 25 mins )
    4. Worst nights sleep – 6 hours 50 mins ( + 39 mins )

    My Partner:

    1. Average sleep – 6 hours 50 mins ( + 22 mins )
    2. Total weeks sleep – 47 hours 50 mins ( + 2 hours 34 mins )
    3. Best nights sleep – 7 hours 26 mins ( + 14 mins )
    4. Worst nights sleep – 6 hours 22 mins ( + 40 mins )

    Let’s Crunch the Numbers


    My average nights sleep went from 6:26 to 7:22, that’s an increase of almost 1 full hour per night increasing my total weekly sleep from 45:02 up to 51:34. Almost 7 hours a week gained, to put that in perspective that means I have managed to get 1 full extra nights sleep without having to change my bedtime or wake up time.

    My best nights sleep was 6:49 in week 1, I managed to break the 8-hour mark in week 4 logging an 8:02 sleep. Another great statistic to point out is that my WORST sleep in week 4 6:50 is actually longer than my BEST sleep in week 1. Not bad, not bad at all.


    My partners results were surprisingly even better than mine, with her average sleep going up by exactly 7 hours, giving her a total of 7 hours a week extra sleep. Some probably even more important numbers were her worst nights sleep results, these went up by over 1:10! She broke the 7 hours mark with a logged sleep of 7:26 in week 4, she can’t remember the last time she slept over 7 hours so this was a huge deal.


    So, Does CBD Oil Help Sleep


    In our case, absolutely! Not only does CBD oil help sleep, it also helps you get to sleep. We both agreed that dropping off to sleep became easier and easier the longer we were taking CBD oil, the sleep was far less broken and we could physically and mentally tell we had just had a solid refreshing nights sleep.

    Waking up on a morning wasn’t difficult, there was no groggy feeling or difficulty coming around. My partners anxiety was massively reduced and she reported 0 episodes of RLS. Having at least a once per week problem previously with RLS this made a huge impact on the quality of her sleep. The only thing we were doing different….taking CBD oil.

    Does CBD oil help sleep? Put it this way, I’m so good at sleeping now I can do it with my eyes closed!

    If you have any experience or extra advice on this topic please share in the comments box below. Any questions or queries please also leave below.

    Thank you for reading and I hope this article has helped you.

    Best Regards,




    Hi, I'm Andy and I'm 33 years old. I have been taking, testing and reviewing CBD oil for years and I am keen to pass on my knowledge and experiences so you can benefit from CBD like I have.


    1. Michel

      I have heard a lot of good things about CBD oil and the only negative so far mainly that it is expensive.

      As far as sleep goes after reading about your great results I am tempted to try it. My problem is not falling asleep, it is waking up at 2 am and not being able to go back to sleep. I think I must give CBD oil a try.  Everything else I try works for a little while then fails to be effective. It seems with CBD oil though you improve with time. 

      • Andy

        Hi Michel, our sleep is still improving many weeks after the trial finished. So yeah it would appear to continually improve.

        If you check out my reviews page I have found some great CBD oils and also found the best online prices for them.

        The Rhinos Brothers is my personal choice.



    2. Jessie

      Thank you for the awesome post!!  I have been needing something to help me sleep better, and to help my wife sleep good, because she has bad insomnia.  I’m glad I came across this, but do you know if there is any side effects?  Especially anything with the liver?  My wife can’t even take Tylenol because it does something to her liver.

      • Andy

        Hi Jessie, CBD has minimal to no side effects. A lot of the listed side effects seem to be the “generic” ones that most companies put on “just in case” these days. Dizziness…nausea etc.

        That being said we always recommend consulting a doctor if you are unsure. 

        Best Regards,


    3. Nate Stone

      Hi Andy,

      Interesting article!

      I’ve been wondering for a while if CBD oil helps sleep, I don’t have any issues with actually getting to sleep; but I do seem to have some issues with my sleep quality and getting in to a deep sleep, your results look impressive. Am I right in thinking that the CBD oil helped with your sleep quality as well as the amount of time that you slept?

      • Andy

        That’s correct yes, I  feel much fresher and alert. Getting to sleep has never been easier and my nights sleep is far less broken.

        Kind Regards,


    4. Luiz

      The more I read the more I want to learn on CBD and Marijuana related bioproducts.

      I see so many benefits in every aspect of life, but for helping with sleep quality it is the first time! Thanks a lot for collecting and sharing such information! 

      I have insomnia issues from times to times, mostly related to stress, I avoid taking chemicals or pills for that, but I trust CBD to be completely harmfree and with less side effects than anything I have read about, I will give it a try!

      Read you again soon! 

      • Andy

        You won’t regret it, my sleep is fantastic since using CBD oil.

        Best Regards


    5. JJ

      Hi Andy, I need to get this CBD oil. For about a year now I have been having erratic sleep patterns which cause me to feel so awful during the day. I have no problems falling asleep, but I have problems staying asleep till at least 5.30am. I have no reason to wake so early since I work from home and don’t usually start until 8am. When I wake at 3.30-4.00 I just cannot go back to sleep. I have tried different bedtimes, different supplements, changes in my daily routine, no screen time after 7pm etc and this product you are describing here seems to be what I am looking for. Thank you for the information and the testimony.

      • Andy

        Hi, I have found my sleep is far less broken and most mornings I can sleep until my alarm goes off rather than them annoying early wake ups.

        I Hope it works for you like it has me.

        Kind Regards


    6. Stacii

      This article speaks to the struggle many of us face – sleep deprivation. Some of us may have tried herbs, teas, candles and whatever else we could find but nothing worked. So, some of us have accepted this sad reality or are still trying to find a remedy. Based on your tested results I can assure that this will be something that many of us will try. There are many good things being said about CBD products and this has just added to its great advantages.

      I am definitely looking forward to testing the product for my sleep deprivation and I will follow in your footsteps to record and see how best I have improved.

      Thanks so much for this great advice.

      • Andy

        Thank you. Please come back to us with your results so we can add them to our data and hopefully get even more accurate results.

        Kind Regards,


    7. PeterMinea

      Hello Andy!

      Thanks for sharing with us your sleep improvement experience with the help of CBD oil. These improvements went step-by-step, I mean without drastical changes within a short time, or as they say: “slow but sure”, and you should keep it up and see if both yours and your partner’s average sleep durations reach 8-8.5 hours per night. Your going-to-bed time is already good (10 p.m.).

      Maybe there would be something different if CBD oil was taken in several portions distributed over the day (like 0.10 ml every 6 hours instead of one single portion). Doctors should also provide some advice on this matter.

      Whatever it is, you may keep it up with CBD oil and see if further improvements take place. All the best to the whole family!


      • Andy

        Thank you, we are continuing the trials and plan to release even better results over longer periods of time.

        Best Regards,


    8. Shifts

      Hi Andy,

      Thank you for sharing this wonderful experiment and analysis carried out to show us if CBD oil actually help sleep, tired of being tired. CBD is really amazing as it has helped so many people all over the world with one form of anxiety or the other and it has really gone far.

      Good to know that CBD oil actually helps sleep.

      You and your partner did incredibly 😊

      • Andy

        Thank you, Hopefully it can help many people out there, Sleep is a massive problem for so many.



    9. Techie

      I got to know cannabidiols lately and I have read several articles about it and they have a been really good. The benefits and positive health contribution are just numerous, I haven’t seen anything like it before.

      The results you got with your partner are absolutely amazing and from the review, I see it’s working for you and your partner.

      Just a quick observation from is that some products might have good effects on human A and same product might not have any positive effect on human B. I simply mean, what works for you might not work for others.

      • Andy

        Hey, yeah the results have been amazing. I have read dozens of other reviews stating excellent results. That being said I am continually looking for more information and asking for others peoples experiences and results.

        That way we can offer more detailed information.

        Kind Regards,


    10. wes


      I found this article to be very interesting, I’ve heard of using CBD oils for health benefits. But never knew the exact extent, Thank you for giving us your experience with this and your honest opinion.

       I want to give this a try, and I see you have some really good recommendations on some oils to try. I was wondering do you mix the CBD oil with any food or drink before use? Also, I know someone who sleepwalks in your opinion could CBD oils help them?  

      • Andy

        Hi Wes, I have been asked this question before, there isn’t anything online to support this yet. I did recommend some cbd to the person but they never got back to me with their findings.

        If you do attempt then PLEASE  let me know if it helped them.




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