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    How can CBD oil help cancer?

    How can CBD oil help cancer? Here’s how.

    As it is one of the most talked about products on the market today the obvious question keeps arising… How can CBD oil help cancer? Let’s get into the benefits it can have not only on helping alleviate the symptoms of cancer treatments like chemotherapy but also how it can fight cancer directly at a cellular level.

    1. Widely available
    2. Inexpensive
    3. Proving positive results in every trial and test
    4. Becoming widely advised by medical professionals worldwide
    5. Minimal to no side effects

    To name just a few initial attractions that make CBD oil a great choice in your fight against cancer.

    So let’s get right into it…

    Pain Relief

    The symptoms of cancer and the treatments against cancer can both have a painful effect on the body, from nerve pain to widespread inflammation and internal organ stress. Common forms of pain relief including opiates can become ineffective against the pain. The CB2 receptors on the brain are targeted by CBD oil and provide a widespread reduction in pain and inflammation throughout the body.

    I personally have felt the pain relieving effects of CBD oil, as a gym enthusiast I regularly come across aches and pains or more severe injuries like muscle tears and joint inflammation. After introducing CBD oil into my supplement intake I soon noticed a huge difference in the way I felt. My joints felt more supple and less inflamed, any pain or muscle soreness was dramatically milder. I truly think CBD oil could reduce the pain and discomfort of a cancer patient and make it all the more bearable and comfortable.

    Let’s not forget the positives of CBD against more common painkillers such as opiates. With none to mild side effects CBD oil is a far better choice compared to opiates and benzodiazepines which can have severe side effects, addiction and can be damaging to your mental health.

    Stimulate Appetite

    The loss of appetite is one of the most common problems for people with cancer, especially during the treatment phase.

    Maintaining a healthy weight and strong body to aid in fighting the cancer is of tremendous importance.

    Increasing that appetite through CBD oil can be a massive weapon in the fight against cancer. As you maintain a healthy weight your central nervous system and production of white blood cells will have much more impact in your battle against the disease. The increased intake of food will also help keep your vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients at a healthy level.

    Plus Let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy eating!

    Nausea & Vomiting

    A particularly common side effect of chemotherapy, CBD oil can help suppress the symptoms and alleviate this unwanted after effect of treatment. Let’s be honest, you’re going through enough without regularly trips to the bathroom and a constant nauseous feeling.

    Vomiting can cause increased stress on the stomach and internal organs, helping fight this symptom can have a huge positive on your recovery and on your mental battle back to health.

    Fighting Cancer Head on!

    As the body fights cancer it increases ceramide synthesis within cells to try kill off the cancer cells. Regular intake of CBD oil can increase the ceramide synthesis in those cells and give you a stronger chance of beating cancer. Also, normal cancer free cells don’t produce ceramide and are therefore unaffected by the CBD oil.

    Its like your personal warriors sent in to attack cancer head on.

    So…. How can CBD oil help cancer? A no brainer!

    From relieving pain to fighting cancer at a cellular level, CBD oil is a fantastic and inexpensive tool that you would be crazy not to take advantage of. I wish you all the luck in your fight and remember..

    Cancer may have started the fight, but its up to you to finish it!



    Hi, I'm Andy and I'm 33 years old. I have been taking, testing and reviewing CBD oil for years and I am keen to pass on my knowledge and experiences so you can benefit from CBD like I have.


    1. Daniel

      Hello Andy, I must say that your article is very helpful and informative. My uncle suffer from cancer and unfortunately, there is no supplement or pill he could buy to cure him. I will definitely propose him to try CBD oil as that is something we did not try yet. Thank you for sharing man.

      • Andy

        Hi Daniel, thanks for your comment, please keep me informed on your uncles progress and I really hope CBD oil is a benefit to him. Best Regards. Andy.

    2. Jordan Smith

      I did not realize that CBD oil has so many health benefits, and I am really glad that I found this article. You make a great point that it helps with pain relief as well as stimulating appetite. This would be great for someone I know, because after he was diagnosed with cancer, he has been struggling through chemotherapy and its side effects, so I will share this information with him.

      Kind Regards!

      • Andy

        Hi Jordan, I’m glad you found the post informative and I really hope it helps your friend. Andy.

    3. Pentrental

      CBD is popular these days, and for good reason. Unlike other medications CBD is not harmful to your health. Pain meds can be really addicting, so I’m really glad to see alternatives, especially in CBD. That it helps fight cancer is outstanding. I like the fact that CBD can increase ceramide synthesis and offer a stronger chance of beating cancer. I was not aware. Information like this is helpful, especially when there are people who lobby against it. Keep up the good work and thanks for a great post!

      • Andy

        Thank you, I really believe it can help people and hope it becomes even more popular and widespread than it already has.

    4. Bazise

      I’m now well informed about the topic at hand,I never knew tgere was ever such thing,I like the way you broke down the information making it easy to understand,will definitely  be sharing this content.Just curious though what does CBD stand for?I don’t see it anywhere on the website maybe you can elaborate moremail on that

      • Andy

        Hi there is some references to it on the site. it stands for cannabinoid. Its a potent compound in cannabis but doesn’t have the psychotic effect of the cannabis compound THC. 

    5. Willy

      Thanks for engaging in this research. I have always wanted to know if it was really true. I once heard his CBD oil can help cure a lot of diseases including cancer. I know of a person who is battling cancer presently but might not know of this great and helpful fact. I would share it to her immediately for to start as soon as possible..Thanks for this educating and insightful review I hope to see more.

      • Andy

        You’re very welcome, please keep me posted on your friends progress. I hope it makes a big difference. Regards, Andy.


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